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Wallpaper Interior Design

Wall Papers

Starting at Rs. 400/- Only. 

An expressive home decor wallpaper of every style to represent your style and personality. Wallpapers available in many colours, textures and designs create a charming room ambiance.

Add a hint of modernity to your living space by covering your wall with simple yet classy wallpapers that enhance the setting of any room. Our durable wallpapers for bedroom are moisture resistant and perfect for when you want to re-decorate with no fuss application. So they are easy to peel. A wide range of elegant wallpapers and patterned wallpapers at Vedanta Interiors lets you explore amazing colors with bold patterns coordinating the furniture of your room.

wall wallpaper interior desig

Types of Wallpapers for your Home and Office

  1. Fabric coated, Non woven textured, Non woven matt, Vinyl paper, Paper textured, Non woven smooth
  2. Fabric coated, Non woven textured, Non woven matt, Vinyl paper, Paper textured, Non woven smooth
  3. It can be difficult to decide which suits your needs unless you get a personal feel for it at one of our stores.
  4. Our in-store personnel can assist you according to your requirements. We also customize according to your requirements.
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Our Blinds are meticulously hand-crafted by the Vedanta team, the very talented Mum, Pauline, using her experience and knowledge to pay attention to every detail. We supply a wide range of styles of manufactured blinds, you can choose from Roller Blinds, Pleated Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds and much more.

Windows Blinds Interior Design


Starting at Rs.  90/- Only | Dimensions: Sq. Feet

Beautiful blinds can add to the ambiance and sophistication of your living space.

Contact us to arrange a no obligation consultation, where Vedanta Interiors will come to you at a time convenient for you and measure your window for free! After that, you will have a wide range of luxurious fabrics to choose from from suppliers in India and other countries.

Top Quality Blinds:

  1. Venetian Blinds
  2. Roller Blinds
  3. Roman Blinds
  4. Vertical Blinds
  5. Perfect Fit
  6. Shutters

Glass Film

Designer glass films for the office have become a significant design trend for several good reasons. It offers many benefits for interior designers and architects and building owners as well.

They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the office space. but also maximize privacy in your office. There are various ways to decorate or renovate your office space with glass film designs for office. With opaque films designed for the office, you can achieve the highest degree of privacy in any space.

While it can prevent the eyes of the victim from peeping inside the room. Customized movies for the office are also available. Which come with the company logo and it is one of the best ways to promote the business.

Glass Decoration Film Interior Design 1
Glass Decoration Film Interior Design 3
Glass Decoration Film Interior Design 2

Glass Films For Office & Home Comes In Different Style And Design Options

Customized office films are available in a variety of design options and you can choose the best suited Glass Film Designs for office to use it as:

  • Treatments for Glass
  • Treatments for Windows
  • Treatments for Walls
  • Treatments for other Surfaces and Spaces
vertical garden

Vertical Garden

Starting at Rs.  200/- Only | Dimensions: Sq. Feet

It is a completely innovative and productive idea of coexistence with nature while adding another dimension to an interior or exterior living space. This is one of the best ways to save space with a grown-up garden.

Vertical gardens are perfect for hiding an unattractive area or drawing attention to a mesmerizing view.

  1.  Indoor Vertical Garden
  2. Outdoor Vertical Garden
  3.  Artificial Vertical Garden
  4.  Balcony Garden
  5.  Terrace Garden
  6.  Landscaping
  7.  Flower scaping
  8.  Kitchen Garden
  9.  Green Wall/ Green Roof
  10.  Preserved Moss Wall
vertical Garden Interior Design 1
vertical Garden Interior Design 2
Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Starting at Rs.  40/- Only | Dimensions: Sq. Feet

Artificial grass in balconies, houses and apartments is the new craze among old and new apartment owners. Those who want to design the interior of their home. Be it the Diwali season or to give a new look to the balcony. Grass gives a green look to the space. For the garden you’ve always wanted.

I am often asked by clients or family and friends about the maintenance, upkeep and of course the cost of installing artificial grass in balconies.

Below are a few points that we focus on knowing before applying artificial grass to your world:

  1. Waterproofing
  2. Slope
  3. Draining
  4. Dust
  5. Even Surface
  6. Maintenance
  7. Affordable Coasting
vertical Garden Interior Design 1
vertical Garden Interior Design 2
vertical Garden Interior Design 3
wooden Flooring Interior Design

Wooden Flooring

Starting at Rs.  78/- Only | Dimensions: Sq. Feet, Thickness: 85mm

With sustainability in mind, we make and design wood floors from all the wood we buy. From the very rustic grade material, which is DDEFF grade, we make engineered boards where we have scoured the surface and sanded it to create a reflective surface.

Brushed from 2 mm to a depth of more than 3 mm. These boards can be used to cover walls or even as a very rough rustic flooring. You can see this in the Vertical Wall Cladding section.

wooden flooring interior desing 1
white wooden flooring interior desing 1
wooden flooring interior desing 3
novelty Interior Design


Starting at Rs.  150/- Only | 1 Peice

Modern interior design materials, textures and surface finishes change quickly with new green technologies. But the classy shapes, artworks and traditional decor ideas remain modern, reflecting history and cultural preferences.

Contemporary science, green ideas, and innovative technology help add originality, innovation, and eco style to exquisite interior design. Rediscovers traditional ways of home decorating and enhances modern interiors with healthy solutions.

Novelties Items change Your boaring Home into whole New Home.

Novelties Interior Design
novelties Modern Interior Design
wooden flooring interior desing 1
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